Sunday, August 31, 2008

About dances and dancing styles

Another Sunday morning, tomorrow another fresh start haunting us all but this Saturday was special as the Fahrenheit 08 and the party after that gave a much needed break and refreshment after another hectic week. Its a new initiative by Deepak and Gang and I must say they are doing a great job by putting their time to great use. It was again competition at its peak where every one was cheering their sections at peak of their voices , reminded me about the good old engineering days when their was great rivalry among all inter hostel events and inter branch events. The finest of it was Ruby Cup ( Night tennis ball inter hostel Cricket tournament with running commentary ) , I still remember how people use to get emotionally involved to such an extend about their hostel teams that many a time the games use to end up in minor injuries and lots of abuse being fired. lol, but it was all fun and the moment the tournament is over people use to just forget all animosities, here it is much different , people are lot more mature and image conscious and the interaction is also of not that level due to pressures of deadlines and absence of hostel.

After the rounds of competition like Antrashari , face paintings , madd Adds etc the floor was open for the dance and we all literally waiting for it ,Dancing for 45 min gives you a feel of good work out schedule. lol , When I think of dancing , what strikes me most is the way we people dance , each of us has a particular style and some steps which we keep repeating ,it looks like a medley of dances . I think most of our dances are inspired by legendry Mr Bachhan Senior ,who use to dance in simple yet elegant steps , Even he was not great at this art ,the simplicity of his steps, popularity of his songs and charm of his persona has made us idolize his dancing style , be it boy, gal its beyond it . Than I find that lot of bhangra steps which we usually love to add even in a western number, but who cares . It the masti which matters .

Off late their are two more important steps which has been added in our dancing styles ,first is the head banging particularly to rock numbers which give you a much needed gap to regain the energies and also the flow of adrenalin to feel the beats of the drums and intensity of mettle Guitars . The second new step is attributed to admirers of 50 cents and Akon of this world , the style is truely unique and fun to act .This also again clearly suggests that how flexible and ready to learn we all are , ready to add all new good things coming our way !!

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Rishabh Makrand said...

Dance like no one is watching you.. open up your heart and rock the floor, you can be your own style icon.