Thursday, August 28, 2008

Idea of a blog..

The Purpose of writing a blog was different to me few years back when i just wanted to use my creative thinking and write on divergent topics . It was pure and precious to me and I never shared my name or url with any one as I thought it will only make sense to just float it in the cyber space with anonymity . But these days when i read people's blog on various facets of life it makes me admire the peculiarities of people's life and expression , I feel that it is actually a sense of freedom , a freedom of expression . A place where people actually can share thoughts . Some of the people are gifted with the art of storytelling and some are like me , but it still gives us a place to put our random thought where there is no one to edit it , no one to judge and people just reading it as a pass time .

The technological revolution may have changed the way of doing things but the intent is just the same , initially people use to maintain diary which they use to restrict to themselves but now with evolving world people find it better to share their peice of mind and take suggestion from others .It also speaks loud about a gradual shift in the mindset of new generation which doesn't believe in keeping things to themselves , they rather put their argument without any fear and ill will.

Technology is a great enabler , It really Is !

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