Tuesday, August 26, 2008

When the life gets tiring ..

Many a times I have seen that when we push ourself too hard in work , with loads of different divergent activities , it takes a heavy toll of your body and peace of mind , their are loads of good book teaching about mantras of time management and devotion but I found it a tough ask to juggle 4-5 things at a time , may be I'm not apt at it , which might be considered a weakness as per management sciences. It always happens to me that at the end of the day I feel that I havn't done justice with any of the activity by taking too much to handle. People call it burn out , I call it adverse selection.

When I see my college friends around me also struggling with same issues , I feel its actually a big problem now days, Sometimes i try to give myself a break by not doing anything for a day, just to enjoy reading a novel or watching a good movie but as the another day starts you are actually caught with deluge of things lined up ,Perhaps Too Much To Chew , and your life becomes like a excessively chewed gum which cant give you much flavovour but u can just keep chewing it to please yourself .

Focus might be the mantra to actually excel , when you seek confidence and satisfaction from the work you are putting your tie in . It may be tough to actually apply descretion in choosing things you actually want to do or you end up doing .But still doing one thing at a time and than moving to other might help , but for me whenever i tried it i found myself doing that thing on the last day just for the sake of completing it.

Life in management school can be tiring and boring at times when you need to put efforts and time in things you wont do even for money , but its a endless persuit which makes us do all such tasks which absorbs energy out of you and leave you dull and tired , but still I feel its lot better than once you start working as the expectations increases drastically and also you have added responsibilities of doing loads of things

We used to read in school days " Khali deemag shaitan ka ghar hai " , which means that keep yourself occupied otherwise you will think only of doing destructive activity, which I think is actually not quite the way i look at it , I think when you will give yourself some open space to breathe , some peace of mind , one can actually think cretively .

May be thier are better way of doing things which can give you satisfaction in doing diversified jobs , I still have to learn it .


Rishabh Makrand said...

Let me do the honor first,Welcome to the blogging community.
"Janta" want to come out of their normal life, want to do something new, say to chew a new gum with diff taste, and have only 24 Hrs, and it is possible, just list down the priorities, if you are not finding enogh time to dedicate at that time, keep it as written or in mind, and do it as the 1st thing when you feel like you should do something new.
Things will not be btter, you have to make the diff and make it better for you.


Ankit said...

Really agree with you Rishab , setting priorities in order is very essential .