Tuesday, September 2, 2008

About Heros and Villains ..

Just few months back all the Newspaper and Media channels were flushed with news of Tata Motors launching NANO , the dream car made for middle class Indian who aspires to drive comfortably with his family in comfort of a four wheeler but can't buy the existing brands due to the high cost. The cute looking car was coming at literally half a cost of existing Maruti 800 which is the cheapest car now in market. The worlds applauded India for the frugal engineering , a new break through in applied sciences , comfort at bare minimum cost.Countess number of patents were filed for it , surely they dont needed any scantily dressed models to launch it.

Mr Tata gave a promise to the people which he is fulfilling even when the commodity inflation is touching new peaks . My friend in Tata motor told me that there in the office there are huge posters saying " A promise is a Promise " , so true only a gentleman can keep his promise and they feel so proud about it. We all are proud of it .

Today Tatas have made the final announcement that they are moving out of Singur. it will be a loss of more than $100 million , delay in schedule of launch , huge loss to the vendors who have set up the plants there to follow Just in Time (JIT) methodology to reduce cost.I think these losses may look huge but nothing in comparison to Singur which could have been part of history , could have been known to the world because of NANO and its even bigger loss to Bengal which is trying hard to shed its image of investment unfriendly destination.

Indian politics have shown lot of dirty faces but I think this will be amongst the top, when likes of Tatas are promising rehabilitation , price and jobs to land owners . why are people creating silly issues about it. Its a classic example of short sightedness where at times local issues take much more importance for some people of prominence and the whole Nation is discounted for the local cause. I dont understand why someone who is not the representative of the people , who has been defeated in the elections is taking the whole administration for a toss.This is surely not the democracy I have learned in books.

Mamta Bennerjee might have not done any good for the people of West bengal but here she surely has done a big mistake which people will remember for long time. She is truely deserves a Razzie Award . May this episode bring some sense to the politicians of India ! We dont need such people but we have the problem of plenty .

One more thing which is clear after this incident is that the TATAs are the best employers to work with , as for them its the employees which matters , they are ready to take losses to avoid agony and discomfort for there employees .Mr Ratan Tata has again shown why he is so admired in the world . I dont have words to describe him , He is my Hero !


Rishabh Makrand said...

There is saying in Hindi "baat baat me jhagda kar do kuch to panch dilayega"( create an issue for every small thing the justice will give you small benefit).
I think, our politicians are true follower of this saying, haven't seen any good work prevailing without any huss-fuss created by our great "leaders".

This is for "Mamta Jee"..
Nazdiki nuksaan se jyada door ka fayda bhi dekhna chahiye...

Ankit said...

So true Man . sahi bola hai ..

Anonymous said...

Even though I fully support Nano, I'm yet to see a discussion in any media about the price that was paid to farmers. After all, not all farmers might be willing to sell their lands at the prices offered to them by Tatas/Government.

Obviously, Mamta dee would try her level best to subvert any talk about land transactions, as it would go against her political hara-kiri stunt; but I do feel that it isn't the job of government to decide that what's the correct price of land.

Anyways, read this post on similar issue, but on Nandigram. You perhaps might arrive at some different conclusions.

Link: http://greatbong.net/2007/11/21/the-killing-fields-of-bengal/

Anonymous said...

Hi Ankit,

Here's another info source worth pondering. [Niranjan Rajadhyaksha is associate editor of Mint, hence i believe the information to be accurate]

Ankit said...

Himanshu -Less investment per acre does not mean that companies should be penalized for it , I understand that Tata's case in not unique but still feel that TATA's are ubique by thyeir sense of corporate social responsibility , they give value to humanity .