Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Breaking News ..

The 24 hours run media channels don’t leave any stone unturned in making claim of first reporting. They call it breaking news. Last Saturday just 1 hour after the Mehroli bomb blast was reported, a esteemed news channel was actually boasting of being the first news channel to report the incident. They were feeling really proud to cover the tragedy first which rocked the capital first. I really wonder that how long they can actually show this kind of reporting without hurting the sentiments of their viewers.

As excellently portrayed by the movie “Mumbai Meri Jaan “ the news channel are on a constant look out for stories to fill their free airtime . If they are unable to get the spicy stories they have to show the same news repeatedly which won’t help them to maintain their TRP ratings. And for worst they nowadays shows the repeat telecast of comedy game shows to fill the gaps, What a comedy !

They constantly play on the emotion of the viewers. Even this time after the blasts I saw them asking the silly questions to the bereaved parents who have lost their child in blast “How are you Feeling now? ” Are you people crazy!

Few months back when I was watching a popular Hindi news channel they were showing a story about a lady who was thrown out of house barely 2 days after the marriage. The correspondent after reciting the story in a very tragic and dramatic fashion introduced the lady by saying “ Aayiye ab aap ko milata hu 2 din ki suhagan se “ .The lady’s face was flushed with tears listening to it. This clearly shows disrespect and inhuman behavior. It’s like adding insult to injury with clear and vested motive of adding spice to the news item. There should be no excuse for such people who abuse their profession in such a manner. And what is the editing team doing, Infact I really wonder if there is any editing team for such news channels?

As lot of my friends have observed, one fact clearly emerges out of the growing crowd of 24 hours TV news channels. The fact is that its mainly the Hindi or regional language News channels which are doing such crap reporting , The likes of Aaj Tak and India TV being on top of the list .Do the management of such news channel thinks that listeners to such channels are intellectually inferior or insane. There is no reason for such treatment for listeners of Hindi channels.

The whole setup looks so illogical. I think we people are also responsible for this in a way. The day people stop watching these channels, they will have no option but to improve their reporting. But there is a big need of having a regulator .By having a regulator we can have some control over the quality of offerings .It may actually lead to some red tape too but it might stop the abuse of “Freedom of Expression”.


SiD said...

They have heard you dude!!
The news channels themselves are coming up with a self-regulatory or voluntary body which will control these rubbish things.. a govt regulated thing is tuff in these cases as it often involves quick decisions.. e.g in advertising we have ASCI or Advertising Standards Council of India which can take prompt decisions and stop the airing/printing of ad in a short time...

Ankit said...

Thats great news man ! I was not aware about it ! :-)

Ankit said...
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