Monday, September 29, 2008

State of Anarchy ..

I can't remember any time when I’ve felt more insecure staying here in my country. There is a total state of anarchy. Bomb explosions have rocked the whole country into a vulnerable zone of insecurity. Now when I was travelling from Delhi to Mumbai, I can see it on my Parents faces, they were not as confident as they used to be. I told them that I’ll manage this routine travel on my own but that day itself there was a bomb explosion in Delhi and their concern was genuine. Mummy asked me to stay away from the crowded place, I was just thinking that how can someone stay away from crowded place in Mumbai where everywhere it seems like a big chaos, hundreds and thousands of people are emerging from every nook and corner, all in a state of hurry . But I told her Yes.

Thinking of blame game our politicians are playing in the comfort of their Z+ security, Media cursing Intelligence agencies for the lack of surveillance and Police blaming ATS for their inability to track terrorists, what can a ‘AAM AADMI’ do? He is just a mock listener to all of it. The real question remains “Is it actually in the reach of these different agencies to stop someone from burning their own house? “

How can the police and intelligence agencies track the action of so many citizens. They may track the flows of big explosives like RDX, but they can’t stop someone from throwing Crude Bombs in open roads on innocent kids. The crude bomb which was used in the recent Mehroli blast can be easily produced by anyone. The secret recipe of Bomb is no more secret when substandard news channels are freely showing it on mass media that how easy it is to manufacture a bomb. Anyone can easily buy these common chemicals with medicinal usage and cause the blast. It will indeed be a tough job for the police and intelligence agencies to manage this situation.

There was also lot of talks about the spirit of Mumbai in the media after the train blasts, they reported that people are still travelling by local trains, using the same affected route, their spirits are intact. But my question is “Do they have a option? “. Life in Mumbai will be standstill without trains, how can a person who travels from Virar to Mumbai Central daily manage his travel without Local Trains. Nobody wants to put his life at risk. It’s not the spirit; it’s the lack of real options!

I think the time is ripe for the government to make some strict rules and set examples by differentially treating these arrested terrorists in such a fashion that it will make the other terrorists think twice before putting their dirty plans into action. It won’t be death of democracy as articulated by so called human right activists. It will be a slap in the face of terrorism and a act to safeguard humanity itself.


Rishabh Makrand said...

While reading your post I thought this was written by Mr. Nassaruddin shah "The Common-man" from A Wednesday Movie.

I agree that we have very little room to change the things/scenarios, but now since people like you and few others are awake.. Things are bound to change for Good.

Ankit said...

That movie was great , may somewhere that was the motivation :-)