Thursday, October 9, 2008

Cricket Field Entightenting ...

A welcome break from run of the mill life, we have the sports week coming up. The enthusiasm is on top, something I love about Mba Junta . Somehow they manage everything with full energy and commitment. So we have a match tomorrow and today we had the practice session. I really found myself out of practice but anyway I was never a great exponent of this art.

Cricket in Mumbai is different from other places , In a small ground roughly half the size of a football field there were around 10-12 independent cricket matches taking place . Half of the time in such conditions you will find yourself worried that the ball from other games might hit you on your head, especially when you are not used to this mode of Cricket. But somehow everyone was managing everything really well without any altercations or hostility.

After few overs I was directed to field at deep square leg. There was a interesting match going on there .I was more engrossed in that match rather than our practice session as the ball was rarely getting hit in my direction. I was listening to their conversations. It was real interesting conversation :-) ,the kids there in half torn clothes ,roughly in the age bracket of 10-16 , were fully engrossed in the match . It made me think with amazement how sports and cricket can take your mind out of everything and provide you healthy way of recreation. Those kids may not be sure about their next meal or their future but still enjoy the game with full concentration. 

I sometimes feel that it’s the educated and learned who waste more time in fretting about future and opportunities rather than people who just live life without any fears and high ambitions.

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