Sunday, October 12, 2008

It wasn't only 3 mistakes

Chetan Bhagat, author of '5 point someone’ fame came out with his new book ' 3 mistakes ..'. The deterioration of a author to respect the popular sentiments of people is quite evident in the book. It looks like a very loose story of 3 youngster from a small town in Gujrat. All the plots are predictable and phony, which any one can guess even while reading initial few pages. Infact Bhuj tragedy followed by Cricket match commentary looked more like pieces of diary rather than a narration.
The worst part was so many gross mistakes which were committed in the 144 pages short novel.

The whole plot seems illogical and phony if you think of these ponits which I thought of while reading the novel yesterday: -

1 Maths exam for medical entrance exam , that too readings from ML Khanna ( a IIT Entrance Guide) ? 

2 Resnik and Halliday for Medical Entrance? When even 12th class standard book works?

3 Chetan Bhagats way of spicing up the story, 1 sexual scene is a must ! 

4 Flamboyant use of F word by Gujratis that too from a small town!

5 The narrator of the novel was a Msc, I could not understand this line ‘What an MBA type would call a 'paradigm shift'. Its totally out of place.

6 Over doing of math freak funda, the guy is talking maths even while he is romacing and life threatening situation at the climax.

7 There in 2001 how many Indians could have afforded 15 Rs call/min mobile phones. The non earning students, kids all are having mobiles in the story in a small town of Gujrat ! Wow 

8 The dress of Ali suddenly changed from Jeans T shirt to White Kurta Paijama without any reasons in climax scene.

9 Govind sees Ishaan crying for first time twice in the story 


Mani said...

Humm, I actually not read this novel of chetan bhagat becuase when I read his last novel, I have an intution which you disclosed(deterioration of an Author). But I think you made it in a very specific and clear manner of his mistakes, so he has a website you please send these so that he will take these point into consideration.
Nice Article, salute to your efforts.

Ankit said...

he he . he will kill me :)