Wednesday, November 26, 2008

About Hollywood Movies and Indian Remakes ..

When I today sat to see the new Movie ‘ Dasvidania ‘ ,the very first scene reminded me of the Hollywood classic “ The Bucket List “ . My first reaction was to leave the movie as I thought there is no point watching another Hollywood remake, but as watched it for some time, I really liked the movie.

The plot of the movie has some inspiration from the Bucket list where two dying man forms there wish list and planned to enjoy their life before the D day. The star cast may not have the brilliance of Morgan Freeman or Jack Nicholson but I enjoyed the movie more than the Bucket list due to some obvious reasons. The main reason of it being something I can relate to , something which I see every day , something which is not copied and something which had lot of meaning.

It really feels good to see young Indian Directors coming up with fresh thoughts and making some meaningful cinema but the agony remains that people still want to see the old boring plots with no room for creativity and thinking. 

The movies like ‘Wednesday’ or ‘Dasvidania’ may not be doing very good on box office as majority of the people still want to see the likes of ‘Om Shanti Om’ but the things are changing for the good and it’s just the matter of time before people start appreciating the change.

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Mani said...

yes, this is the area of my interest, I am movie buff, or u can say bollywood buff.
Dasvidaniya is a gr8 effort of a director specially in the era of commerciallization where FARHA KHAN like producer director made movies like OSO, and saying to people inspire from them, if Director consider advices from them then definitly in the end some miracle would be there and Vinay Pathak will survive and just happy ending all around.
and I want you to amend one thing and that is Wednesday movie was a hit, and its a very good movie.