Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Art of Living ...

Yesterday we had the guest lecture session of Mr Khursheed Batliwala , popularly known as Bawa , He holds a masters degree from IIT Bombay and now a senior teacher at Art of Living , relaxing mind for people across the world including likes of Harvard’s and MITs . 

He Shared lot of great thoughts on stress management, anger management , Entrepreneurship etc . I am sharing most of them here as it might be useful for everyone.

1. Anger and Regret comes from the past, fear and anxiety comes from thinking about future, Anger heats up the body, anxiety makes the body cold , our thoughts constantly travel in past and future , which causes stress . Its not the job which is stressful , its our thought process . He gave the ‘ Samosa’ analogy and told us that how this heating and cooling can spoil the samosa.

2. Bawa told us that there is no point analysisng your past , its like a garbage cane , no body analyzes their garbage , so Don’t try to manage anger or stress , just eliminate them .

3. Anger is just the emotion which shows our helplessness , when we cant do anything , we should try to postpone the anger like we postpone to propose love.

4. Meditation improves your efficiency , Gandhi ji use to meditate regularly , he once said “ Today I’m so busy , I don’t have time to meditate for one hour , I’ve to do it for 2 hours . It is a process to improve your efficiency .He told us not to use books for learning meditation.

5. Don’t feel bad about loosing out , defeats , it’s the process . Winner is a person who keeps failing until he succeeds . Give yourself the permission to fail.

6. Try to do difficult and different things. Have the guts to face failures.

7. Entrepreneurship should be the aim of all the young professional, we have such great scope. Your parents might fret now, but after the end of 4-5 years they will feel very proud of you .

8. Don’t compromise your dream due to losers opinion about your venture. Most of Bawa’s college seniors told him that “those 2 years of college were the best days of their life “ , why should one do a job which won’t even give them happiness . We should not let our educational qualification decide our choice of our career.

9. 1 love failure and one professional failure is a must for very one in student life so that he or she learns from it. 

Art of living runs several short term courses all over India , one can very easily benefit out of it .


Mani said...

I am astonished when I saw that this article has zero comment may be people have missed it.
It was a very good article, I am reading your blog now and then, and I think its taking a very good shape now....
Keep Going, My wishes are always with you buddy...

Ankit said...

He he , Thanks Bhai .