Monday, November 10, 2008

Perfect Farewell to the Prince of Kolkata ..

India crushing Australia 2-0 is the perfect farewell to our cricket hero Saurav Dada. His remarkable career came to an end today and I’m sure his fan will miss his energy and exuberance on and off the cricket field.

On his day dada was the sweetest timer of the ball, he can rip the fast bowling apart to all sides of the field and will hit more sixes than fours of the spinners. He along with Sachin gave us the most exciting starts in one day matches and won countless matches on their own. England always brought best from the cricketer, be it the century debut at lords where he mesmerized every one with his class, be it the finals of the Netwest trophy where he took off his Shirt to show the world that we can also do it if provoked or be it India reaching finals of the world Cup under his leadership.

Cricket is known by Individuals ,Ganguly was the real character , emotional , vocal and ready to take all kinds of leadership roles .

It was Gavaskar who brought dignity to Indian cricket when English Press commented “ Indians can now play Fast Bowling “ ,It was Kapil who brought respect to Indian cricket when the cricket giants said “ Indians can now bowl Fast Bowling ‘ and it is Ganguly who brought the fighting spirit and aggression to Indian cricket and every one said “ Indians can answer your queries on field now in the language you ask them “ . He was the fighter, and he made it a point that the team plays aggressive cricket under his leadership. And his contribution to the Indian cricket will be remembered forever

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