Thursday, December 4, 2008

Bollywood Underworld Mystery !

Bollywood and underworld linkage is a mush debated topic in the past and time and again it has been found that a lot of greedy film industry people have connections with the underworld. The worst part is that these underworld people are the people who actually promotes and finance host of illegal activity in India like drugs and terrorism . 

Dawood Ibrahim who has been repeatedly accused for having direct involvement in the Mumbai blasts. He is one of the world’s biggest terrorist and has repeatedly harmed India by his involvement in various terrorist activities in Mumbai .He was No. 4 on the Forbes' world's Top 10 most dreaded criminals list of 2008 as per Wikipedia . 

The recent terrorist attacks in Mumbai and alleged involvement of Dawood in it really makes me wonder how we people have such short memories. How can we people tolerate movies made on Dawood just for the sake of glorifying him . Dawood is one terrorist who has been glorified by host of Indian celebrities. Ram Gopal Verma has put great efforts in attaching glamour to his image by making movies like D and Company . In all the movies made by Ram Gopal Verma I could never found him portraying the character of dawood as cruel.This is nothing but the abuse of freedom of expression, just because India is a democratic country and we have got rights to express our self does not mean that these directors can make terrorists the heros. Interestingly Mr Verma was also seen at Taj after the carnage, Only God can know if he was thinking of another plot to showcase the ‘ bravery ‘ of the terrorists which only he can see.

Mr Anu malik along with lot of Indian celebrity were also once reported and shown praising and performing for Dawood in Dubai , nothing ever happened to them .Anu Malik was actually singing for Dawood ‘ Sabka bhai , gareebo ka masseha , dawood bhai ‘. India might not be able to have access to Dawood but why don’t they teach a lesson such celebrities and set examples for the generations to come. 

We have suffered so many terrorist attacks in last six months that the people of the country are in a state of total insecurity. The time is ripe now for the government to take some swift actions and stop testing the patience levels of people of the country.


Anonymous said...

Interesting point. May be it's because the Film Industry stars also fear for their lives.. after all, who can blame them after the incidents that have happened last week. Remember the fate of Gulshan Kumar of T Series?

But your point is certainly true. Sunny Deol and ilk are always ready to jump on "Pakistan ki *** ki" bandwagon but till now no movies have been made in which Hero fights against the underworld mafias personifying Dawood, Chhota Rajan etc.

In RGV's all movies, usually it's the internal gangwar which results in death of mafia don, and there too, the mafia don's life is portrayed as stylish. I wonder why even after it was established that 1993 blasts were done by Dawood, why not many films like Black Friday were made.

I think your post needs to go in mainstream media. May be that would urge some filmmaker like Madhur Bhandarkar to go for such story. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

also, a link for you

Ankit said...

I agree with you completely, Mr. RGV has lived his cinema life , now we should have likes of Madhur and Rajat Kapoor to take over and make movies closer to the reality .

Do you have any links to reach him :-)