Monday, December 15, 2008

Govind ki Chai ..

Getting good food is a big issue around NMIMS. Our canteen does not serve very good menu most of the days and most of the people have to go to likes of Cooper Hospital , Rasraaj or Dena Bank Canteen for lunch . I mostly go to dena Bank canteen where Madhav’s canteen food taste seems more palatable and the place is easily accessible as it is just opposite to our Campus in JVPD. 

When I today stopped for tea after lunch near Dena Bank, I met Govind , he has been selling tea there from past 18 years , he is a very silent middle aged person who generally don’t talk much with the customers . I just talked with him about how the business is going and what kind of issues he faces regularly in the business and I found that his replies were quite interesting.

He told me that getting a place to setup a tea stall is very tough in Mumbai as most of them are illegal and the other hawkers want to grab the space where they can do good business. He regularly has to fight with other people ‘ Bhai’s ‘ who want to get that place but since he is there for around 18 years now, the tussles have reduced. Surprisingly the tension due to internal fights for space among hawkers is much more than that of the threat from Bombay Municipal Corporation (BMC) for illegal encroachment of space.

The business risk of these kind of setups are completely different from regular legal business .It cannot be easily evaluated by doing sensitivity analysis in the excel sheets. For example as NM has closed the main entrance for students from last few months, his business has reduced by nearly 50% as students don’t want to travel too far for tea. Again if less people start preferring Dena Bank canteen food, his business will again be impacted. These are some of the risks which are completely beyond his control. Although his tea tastes best in that area but there are very few students seen around his shop nowadays.

Govind misses the previous batches of NM, as per him those students were much more closer to him. They used to sit around his shop for long hours. Even now when they come to that area for some work they don’t forget to land at his place for a tea. He has lost the taste in business now as student nowadays does not interact much with him.


BHARAT said...

sahi bol raha hai bhai...A/C classrooms mein baith ke fundebaazi ho sakti hai but d facts of business can only b learnt on d street...personally even i prefer his chai...its tastier...but its d convenience of jus walkin out of dat gate nd findin tea dat makes me not wanna walk al d distance...

Ankit said...

Thanks Bharat , I agree with you , Its very easy to give GAS and GYAAN . Real Business is different !