Monday, December 29, 2008

Helpless ..

26th – 28th Nov , Sitting at home, watching the live videos of destruction and misery of people who fell victim to the planned attacks , that strong feeling of disgust and utter helplessness which few of us had ever felt .

This is not a fact to ignore that some people actually came, killed for fun and we were just the mock spectators. It differs from the cowardly planned bomb attacks, this time they took the whole city for ransom for 60 hours, looked liked as if the freedom of 60 years evaporated in 60 hours.

After everything got over, the anger of the people came out; they showed their solidarity for the cause and wanted a swift action from the government machinery. They pledged to put all their energies together to fight against the evil.

The question remains -Are we civilians really helping out our authorities in putting an end to the terrorism. What can we people do other than candle light marches and shouting for justice? How can we make our effort count? Is it really possible? I think this case is much tougher and complex than any of the case studies we have discussed in class. Do anyone have any concrete answers to the problem. 

I believe that even the government is helpless to a certain extent. Diplomacy is not working out for us the way it works for other countries as most of the countries are looking safeguard their interests rather than seek justice for India. Starting a war in this crisis will not only weaken the country financially but it will also affect the foreign relations and image of our country. So what can the government do? 

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Manishi said...

I agree with you. Acyually no one has the answer....