Sunday, December 14, 2008

Tough Job !

When we people crib about job satisfaction, salaries and work life balance, half of India is still struggling to get the very basic necessities in life. I just came across a character who I was ignoring from last one and half year of my stay in our society. It was not intentional, maybe at times we just get too engrossed in our life that we ignore the most important part of humanity. Interaction

I met Mahendra , our society Guard while taking a late night walk today. I see him daily but never interacted with him, When I saw him today, he just smiled and I started a casual talk with him only to find how tough his job is. He is a short character of slim built aged 25 but looks 35 due to malnutrition and difficult nature of his job. The guy came from a place in Jharkand 6 months back where he was working as a day laborer and was finding it difficult to earn enough to feed his family. 

His duty starts at 8:00 pm in night and goes on till 8:00 am in the morning when the next shift guard takes over the charge. A 12 hour job when he has nothing to do, but just sit or walk off the time. He is ill equipped to take on any thefts but is being appointed just to make society people sleep comfortably in their cozy apartments. If any of the society inmates finds him sleeping during the duty hours, he is scolded brutality without any respect or concession. And after all this he is paid just 3000 Rs per month. He can’t afford to eat out and prepares his own food after the finishing his grueling job. 

The worst part is that he gets no vacations, has to work seven days a week, and can only travel once to his village to meet his family for whom he has made his life a living hell. 

I don’t understand when will these people get a respectable place in our society and when will we people start think of doing something fruitful for them except targeting them to sell our products and calling them the ‘Bottom of the Pyramid ‘. I don’t have any solutions yet.

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