Sunday, January 4, 2009

Biggest lesson learned in 2008

Last year when I read the book “ The Secret “ , heard the audio book by Brain Tracy ,all the mysteries of life became so clear , and during the course of one year I have realized that it’s the power of sub conscious mind and belief which drives everything in life . Indeed it was the biggest learning in last year. When I was 6 year young ,one of my primary school friend told me a trick for getting up at right time in the morning “ He told me to pray to the pillow to wake you up at the right time and it will help you “ . When I tried it, it worked for me but I thought that it’s just a coincidence and I doubted that power which I realize now was nothing but power of super conscious mind.

The most important lesson learned are:-

1.       Genius trust and believe in their insights. They trust their creatively and intelligence,

2.       All creativity is the way of improving the existing way of doing things .The more we use the creativity; the more we will improve it. The subconscious mind and data works on it. It brings us idea which lies outside our individual expertise. That’s why most of the major breakthrough coming from individuals who do simple things. See things from different perspective. It is even  capable of goal oriented intelligence.

3.       Bible says “ to those who are positive and excited and moving towards the accomplishment of their goal , they get more ideas , more energy and more creativity to those who are going nowhere , those who have very few ideas and goals and even the energy they have gets drained away and they become tired ,depressed and fatigued “

4.       Most of the inventions and discovery are made word perfect very first time. We can program our goal in mind and fire our mental torpedo and it will find its own target.

5.       The winners accept and believe that they are fated and destined to be successful and everything happened was required to give them learning which was valuable to prepare them to archive their purpose. Everything is happening for success. Every defeat has equal and opposite advantage, just have to look out for it.

6.       When the answer come from insight, immediately act on it. The more rapidly you act the more ideas you will get.

7.       Any thought, plan or idea will become a reality through our super conscious mind, whether its positive or negative .Sooner or later develop the habit of what you want to happen to you. Systematically remove all fears or negative thought from mind. It’s the most important powerful source in our mind.

8.       Discipline, Perseverance. Persistence, Control and determination about the goal is required for making our dreams into reality.


Rishabh Makrand said...

kya baat hai...insight...hmm.. dam hai baat me..main bhi aapne wallet ko bolta hoon.. hamesa bhara rah.. but nahi hota.. kuch upay batawo... lols..
jokes apart.. nice topic..

Ankit said...

It works man :)