Thursday, January 29, 2009

Peer Pressure ..

How many times it happens that when we make decision, we try to enquire about what others are doing. It can be termed as lack of confidence but most of the time it is Peer Pressure. “Peer pressure can happen when we are influenced to do something we usually would not do, or stopped us from doing something we would like to do”.

When we talk about the art of decision making and psychology behind it, I believe that peer pressure has the most significant influence behind our decision making. We may live our own life but the rules of the life are mostly defined by the people with whom we work or study. The reason is simple, we spend a significantly high portion of our time with them and hence their personalities and reactions affect our decision making process.

The more important the decision, the more is the peer pressure. Infact even the decision of selecting a job or going for higher studies is sometimes influenced by the peer pressure. People constantly fear that they will be judged by other people on the basis of their decision.

A study was conducted in a Top Business School, the students were given a set of activities, after the research was over the researcher told `They can't really step back and take a critical view, They're totally defined by others and by the outcomes of what they're doing.' . This is one of the main reasons behind the herd behavior what we see a lot of times.

The question again arises, what’s the use of all this education and knowledge if we can’t even make our own decisions.


SiD said...

The point is not in getting education and then not being able to take decisions. By education you have come to know something called peer pressure.. Now you know that it is acting on you while taking XYZ decision- you are more aware and ca act accordingly.
Moreover it is basic human nature and hence unavoidable. You have to live with it and take decisions with these constraints acting on you.

Ankit said...

Education is something which helps individuals in taking their own decisions , I agree Peer pressure is a human element but the extent of it surprises me as the situation is different for all of us and their could not be one solution for similar problem of different people.