Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Some companies should be allowed to go Bankrupt..

Bankruptcies are normally associated as terrible news, something which disturbs the whole system and causes lot of unemployment. The biggest setback a bankruptcy causes is the lost of trust, the whole credit crunch situation has arisen due to this lack of trust among financial institutions to lend to each other. Year 2008 has seen all kinds of bankruptcies; some of them like AIG were saved by the timely bailout packages announced by the state while some were not fortunate enough.

As the company were going bankrupt so were the people of USA, as per a estimate the number of people filing bankruptcies in USA has exceeded I million in 2008 .

 But not everything is bad in bankruptcies and it is actually an integral part of the system. In case the company files bankruptcy it goes to the court of law where it is either liquidated or restructured based on the type of filing. Some companies should be allowed to go Bankrupt due to the following reasons: -

1.       Survival of the fittest: - If some product or service is not required in a certain scenario, than its best to shut down the shop rather than pumping money to keep it on artificial oxygen. It gives way to better technologies, keeps the research and development department on toes to improve upon the existing products.


2.       Reduces Inefficiencies: - Incorporating a company is easy but running it efficiently requires planning, implementation, technology and management. If any of it is missing, it’s better that the one who is more capable takes over. A recession actually removes lot of inefficiencies from the system which were developed due to excess demand.


3.       Fights Moral Hazards: If the government just keep saving all the companies from bankruptcies, it will create a moral hazard of lax regulation and control.


4.       Risk Management: - The stake holders learns a lesson of risk and return, otherwise everyone will take more risk to maximize returns. The risk management of the company should be properly thought of before taking critical decisions.


5.       Lax corporate governance: - Many a time in cases of bankruptcy, the corporate governance is the major issue. The management bonuses and salaries should be in line with average and should be appropriate as per the current financial condition of the company.

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