Thursday, January 1, 2009

Soporific Value ..

Just a few years back Anchor came out with the advertising campaign which claimed that their tooth paste is vegetarian. It gave great boost to the sales of the Anchor as people assumed that the other tooth paste might not be vegetarian. This is how improved information can increase the perceived value of the products and services.

Nowadays there are all kinds of information written on the packets of different food products which ranges from the calorific values in kilo calories to the vitamin content in milligrams as the customer is educated and knows what exactly he wants.

I have always felt it time and again that some food products are more sleep inducing than others and hence if have some idea before consuming that food about the effect it will have on us we can very well avoid certain types as per our requirements. This information which I think is quite necessary to be put on the packets of eatables can be called as the soporific value of the product. Soporific value is essentially the indicator of value which informs us that X food product when consumed in Y quantity will cause Z effect on your energy levels and sleep after consumption. I don’t know if this calculation is technically possible but it surely doesn’t seem very tough to devise.

Such information would certainly help people fighting to stay awake for an important meeting or presentation after lunch or students like us who find it even tougher to stay awake in classes.


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