Wednesday, February 4, 2009

When Umpires comes under pressure..

In last three matches Tendulkar has been wrongly given out LBW by umpires and even if  we look at the past , he has been the victim of poor judgment countless number of time.  Is it shear chance that he gets out so often due to umpiring mistakes or is there some other reason?

Some figures become larger than profession they are in, Sachin Tendulkar is one such  player who has been worshipped by cricket Fans all over the world , His genius with both Bat and Ball , breath stopping performances and humility makes him the worthy owner of the title  GOD of Cricket‘. As all good things come with a cost, the popularity of Sachin also has some intangible cost associated with it. I believe Sachin’s importance in the game puts additional pressure on umpires which makes them give poor decisions against him.

 All the decisions for or against Sachin goes through loads of analysis and scrutiny which only adds to the burden of umpires who are as human as the one playing the game and likely to make mistakes.  


Sowmya said...

Hmm, shouldn't that mean that there are as many cases, or a similar number, that go in his favour when he is actually out? Else it is just a one way bias. Not that I think the umpire community is biased against Tendulkar, but just carry forward your analysis

Ankit said...

Yeah , I agree that at times he gets judgment in his favor too, specially when the umpires are inexperienced .

Just check out the number of times Tail enders get out LBW , it may be cause of the reluctance of Umpire to believe in bowling abilities of bowler more than the batting abilities of tail enders :-)

Just a perception ..