Tuesday, February 3, 2009

With or Without you ..

Government of Pakistan has barred their cricket players from participating in IPL 20-20 cricket tournament where Indian Inc buys contracts for almost all the major players of the world to play and earn like lords. The decision came as a knee jerk reaction to the Indian government's directive of cancelling the Indian cricket team tour to Pakistan after the Mumbai terror attacks. It  look rather a routine decision but can have lot of implications , some of them can be

Risk Management Strategy: -Since most of the terrorism in India is direct or indirect effort (supported by state or entrepreneurial venture) of Pakistanis, it may reduce the chances of Pakistani players caught in friendly fire and getting executed by their own men.

Forex Reserve:- Pakistani state treasury which is running on outside support from past few months won’t be helped by this opportunity of earning at least a million US $ in foreign currency. The money could have been used to buy some arms and ammunition for the Pakistani army.

Politician’s effort put to rest: - With no real issues left for politicians, many of them had been trying to use the popular anti Pakistani sentiment and were openly advocating of not to allow Pakistani players to play on Indian soil, now all such issues cannot be converted into vote Bank.

News channel/Print Media loss of news and revenue: - Should India allow Pakistani players to participate in IPL, many more useless discussions like this ,both on TV and newspaper won’t be possible anymore, it can lead to loss of revenue to the media companies both by advertisements and SMS polls.

On a serious note the major learning for the Pakistani government should be that the Cricket won’t die without Pakistani players and the show will just go on with or without them.

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