Thursday, March 19, 2009

Can India and Pakistan Coexist?

If we see the geographical location of India, it is surrounded by so many unstable nations. Srilanka is fighting LTTE , Nepal is struggling with maoist , Afganistan is still occupied by Taliban , Military is trying to overtake Bangladesh and worst of all a nuclear power in the form of Pakistan is struggling with democracy and homegrown terrorism. The condition is not very fruitful for a friendly nation like India who is trying to improve the condition of its economy by attracting foreign investment.

The only stable country can be seen in the form of China which does not share a history of good relations with India. We are still having issues over borders and they don’t recognize some part of Indian territory. What will be the future of India with so many issues surrounding it from all sides?

The world now is slowly realizing the importance of peace and the downside of terrorism as everyone is suffering from it. The bigger question becomes, Can India and Pakistan coexist with such tensions building up in the face of instability and terrorism as rest other problems are not as huge as relation between two of the nuclear economies of the region. What would have happened if the team attacked by terrorist in Pakistan was Indian? It could have led to yet another war.

With Pakistan suffering hugely from the terrorism and in the aftermath of attacks on the Srilankan team even the people of Pakistan have realized how home grown terrorism can harm any country. In the future they might vote for a more India friendly government who wants to actually improve their economy rather than sponsoring terrorism in India. The anti Indian venom which is being taught through modified history books in Pakistan has to change in order to ring the two countries closer which share the common culture and history.

If we see the countries in Europe, they are living peacefully , even after waging so many wars against each other in which millions of people lost their lives. Gradually things start moving and every one realized that war and hatred cannot bring prosperity to any nation. Now Europe is one of the most prosperous region in theworld and they are even sharing the same currency.

I am very hopeful that in future Pakistan will curb the terrorism as they would require it to survive in the interlinked economies of the world . It will require a lot of change in the way they think about their future. I hope they change.

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