Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dream Car finally a reality ..

When everything starts going all wrong for a particular dream of yours, than its nothing but a celestial conspiracy , to check your capability , to check whether you are determined to  make that dream of yours into reality  .The final outcome will be nothing but pure brilliance which will give you tears of Joy and happiness.  I have seen this happening time and again with people; nothing comes easy in this world. Follow your dreams, for as you dream you shall become.

Today when Tatas has finally launched their Dream Car, I really feel elated about this new beginning. This ain’t an ordinary car or another reverse engineering wonder but it’s something which has changed the whole dynamics of the auto industry in India.  People are saying that it’s the biggest product from India so far, Lets hope it’s only the beginning and we are going to see whole new era of innovation and creativity not just in making better products but marketing and selling them in different parts of the world.


Rishabh Makrand said...

I will not comment about car, or how it will bring a new era.. but would defiantly salute courage and dream of Ratan Tata.
In spite of all problems he was focused and proved what he said.

Ankit said...

I hope the car do well !