Sunday, March 22, 2009

IPL Blues…

Indian Premier League (IPL) launched just a year back was a big hit in the Indian subcontinent and the best part of it was the win-win situation, everyone was getting benefitted out of it. The players which could not make it up to the Indian team were getting great remuneration and high visibility which was at par with the international players, government was getting tax revenues and a chance to showcase India, TV channels were making loads of money through advertisements , the sports infrastructure of the country was benefiting out of the events and people were just loving it as it was their daily dose of affordable entertainment, better than the regular soaps which they have to watch. The 20-20 format was very entertaining and the time format of 2 hour game made it all exciting for even the people who don’t like to watch cricket all day.

The attack on Srilankan Team in Pakistan has caused more damage to IPL than any other event in the world. It is a classic case of a Black Swan as termed by Mr Nassim Talib in his book ‘The Black Swan’. As per Mr Talib Black Swans were debated not to be in existence and it was only before scientist found the rare breed in Australia that people realized the existence of Black Swan,  it’s a low probability event with high damage potential and nobody usually think of it in normal circumstances. A Mumbai attack through local boats or a 9/11 through passenger aircraft is a classic Black Swan which nobody thought will occur. The insurance companies never included this probability in calculation of their premiums and suffered badly from it.

Mr Lalit Modi is trying all out to make the event possible but who will take guarantees of guarding the lives of players when our own Home minister has refused to provide security to the teams during election season. Even if someone takes guarantee, the International Player might still reject the offer due to fear of attacks. Time is not far when people will start paying for their own security to outside intelligence Agencies. It does sounds like a good business proposition ‘Private Intelligence Agencies ‘?


Sowmya said...

You're next b-plan! :)
If you can rehabilitate some goondas and use them for the same, you have a socio b-plan :)

Ankit said...

He he , great Social Return and rehabilitation concept :-)

They are finally moving out of India . Good choice :-)