Thursday, March 5, 2009

New York Darshan in 5 hours ..

On 20th morning we landed in New York (NY) at around 6:00 am in the morning, the flight to our ultimate destination Seattle was at 2:00 pm local time. We thought of trying to prepone our flight to Seattle but there were lot of confusions regarding transfer of baggage etc, finally we ( Raka , Bedi , Srejith and me ) decided to just kill the time sitting at Newark Airport . The rest of the story is nothing less than a adventure ride, full of twist and turns and yes a lot of FUN.

As we were looking for a place to sit, we met Manisha, a girl from Mumbai, smart and friendly .She was traveling through NY to some country in Latin America.  She insisted that we should go around NY .Initially we were skeptical but finally we agreed as she knew about the places in NY. We bought our bus trip return ticket from the counter and boarded the bus at around 8:00. The buses were really warm and clean.

 The city was really cold, and the cool wind which never stopped blowing was making our lives even tougher. The excitement was the only thing which was keeping us interested in moving out of the airport.

 We got down on Grant Station; the place was huge, had beautiful lights and looked clean and well maintained. It instantly reminded me of our CST station which is equally beautiful but no one cares to keep it clean. Their was lot of space but people were moving very swiftly in a typical NY style , may be because it was office time and none of them were jobless like us that time.

 After seeing the huge library we headed to the Time Square which I have seen so many times on TV and really wanted to see how it looks in real. The place was a real treat to eyes. So bright with lights and electronic hoardings even at 11:00 am in the morning, looked like the most happening place for marketing. We were totally amazed and just keep clicking the photographs in n number of poses which were all similar in a way.

We still had nearly 2-3 hours, hence we decided to take our chances to see the Statue of Liberty, the biggest symbol of freedom in USA .We took the suburban train and went to the World Trade centre and walked nearly 10 blocks to see the Statue which didn’t really excited me at all. The wind there was blowing even more swiftly and we all were just trying to survive the sudden climatic change.

Then came the bonus, something we didn’t thought of, the wall street BULL on which we have named our team as 'NMIMS BULLS'  one and a half years back and we had a dream run. The feeling was great. We quickly clicked a few pictures and walked briskly back to catch the train back to the bus stop to get back to airport

Luckily we reached the airport at 12:50 pm just to find that our flight has been a little delayed , we anyway reached on time in Seattle 

In all, a great start to the trip and all credit go to Manisha. Thanks alot !


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