Friday, March 6, 2009

Right Path ..

In the recent visit to Seattle I learned a lot about the basic philosophy of Social Entrepreneurship; It’s a way doing well by doing good. The level of concern about raising the standard of living of the people of developing world was truly amazing. I actually found people with extreme consciousness, who don’t choose to shop in Walmart as it might be exploiting human labour or choose body shop as it is environmental friendly. It clearly showed the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility in the future for building brands and selling products. People might say it is a marketing gimmick , but this gimmick will become a necessity for most of the companies to survive.

Our trip started with a visit to Path, a Seattle based NGO working with technological innovation in order to improve the health of the under privileged. They showed us their various projects most of them have been developed by in house research. 

Few of the products I liked were

1.         Safe disposal system for syringes so that they cannot be reused and the spread of diseases like AIDS can be prevented

2.        Fortified rice where every 100 kernel of the rice is fortified with extra vitamins and minerals to provide extra nutrition to the under nourished people.

3.       Small kits for the safe delivery of babies in rural areas where medical help is not easily available.

4.        Sticker which can be pasted on Polio vaccine which indicates if the vaccine is suitable for use.

Path forms partnerships with the local partner in developing world to transfer technologies and monitors the whole process very keenly. The local partnership helps Path in providing culturally relevant solutions to the people. I was really impressed by the kind of work this organization is doing which actually has great impact on the lives of millions.

GSEC provided us a platform where like minded people discussed their ideas to improve the conditions of our society . It may be a very small beginning where most of the ideas are still on paper but it was definitely very encouraging and motivating for all the people attending the summit.


$rinivas !yer said...

I beg to differ on your perception of the 'extreme consciousness' viz. people do not shop at walmart not because of reasons you state.. rather it is because their products are inferior.. to prove my point had they been so conscious they would have saved their economy by buying american cars rather than japanese.. people care for quality.. as goes the idea of rice.. i do not think the idea is applicable to america..

Ankit said...

Hey Iyer, My observation is very different ..Even Walmart sell branded products other than its own private labels , why will some one not buy that . What about Star Bucks than , why are people not preferring it now days . Why do people buy products from body shop ?