Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Celebrity Blogging ..

As more and more people are adopting technology even our celebrities are using internet in a big way to reach their fans and audience. The latest offering is blogging. Yes, after much publicized blog of Amitabh on big for which he was paid a handsome amount, new celebs like John Abrahim , Amir Khan , Kiran Bedi, Shekhar Kapoor and even Mr Lalu Ji etc have also started blogging . Certainly a cost effective way of reaching the target audience. Whether these blogs are true voices of these celebs remains questionable.

Celebrity blogging also showed me another level of hero worship which I found hard to digest, people write thousands of comments on each blog and some of them are pleas and request to meet and sign autographs or to visit their blog to make their day. Why ! 

Some of the blogs have created quite a controversy in the recent times, most prominent of them being Amir’s blog which called Shahrukh a dog licking his feets and Mr Bachhan calling the movie ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ as poor depiction of India, interestingly there is no publicity like bad publicity and such controversies have only improved the popularity of these blogs. Few blogs are quite interesting too; the blog which I like the most is Shekar Kapoor’s blog. It is full of interesting anecdotes which seems to be his honest expressions. Even Amir’s recent campaign about spreading awareness about the importance of exercising the voting right is quite exemplary.

You can visit this URL to find links to some of the Indian celebrity’s blogs

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