Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Election Time ..

This year’s general elections in India are not as exciting an affair as it used to be in the past. The real limelight has been taken up by other news like sub-prime crisis and its affect on world economy, terrorism in Pakistan, President Obama and M S Dhoni for their novel styles and achievements, IPL Blues and even Inflation numbers etc .  

The other important feature of this election is the lack of Real Issues.  I cannot differentiate much between the different national parties on the basis of their manifestos. They are all promising to alleviate poverty and built a strong nation, nobody knows how they will do it .I really don’t understand why we don’t have public debates where leaders from different parties put their views on different issues and provide us a way to differentiate between them. TV debates can be a cost effective solution as the penetration of television in India is quite good and people can sit in comfort of their homes to participate in the dance of democracy.

This year election has witnessed internet being used as a mode of communication by different political parties. BJP and congress is trying to woe the educated and the youth of the country by putting their advertisements and links in the popular sites which Indians mostly browse. Lets see how many of these internet displays gets converted into votes.  

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