Thursday, April 9, 2009

Instant Feedback..

Throwing a shoe at a politician has now been discovered as a new and effective way to express the dissatisfaction with the state of affairs. It’s like a instant feedback, no question asked.

The best part of this feedback is the kind of visibility it creates, the incident with President Bush made people order 1000’s of pair of same shoes from the Iraqi shoemaker. Websites developed different e-games on the same theme, Wow instant Hit.

Is this the true democracy or the freedom of expression, I don’t know  that but yes it is full of action and media is simply loving it.  

 Does Mr Chibambaram deserve it? , he has been a brilliant finance minister for India and just recently appointed as the home minister. I don’t think He deserved it, but who says life is Fair!


Rishabh Makrand said...

Nice one, but you are biased a bit. Since he was a FM, you supported him.. he he he..
Its "Kalyug" my friend. Those who deserve didnt get the "thing".

Ankit said...

he he :-)