Thursday, April 23, 2009


2 years of MBA can be really long time for most of the people who come in search of greener pastures its a tedious and laborious period of life . Today we are having the convocation , perhaps one last time to meet all the friends and Junta of college at the same place . The feeling is mixed , some times I think that all the grilling due to the unending list of assignments and case studies will no more be there but also fear of much tougher time in real cruel world which is waiting for me . Traveling in Mumbai locals and coming lat every day after work was perhaps not the life I was looking to get from an MBA . But this is what most of us gets..

Life in a MBA college is very different from the engineering college , here you will have far lesser time to actually spend with friends and will be more focused towards your materialistic goals and monetary desires . You will learn lot of new things and unlearn lot of things from the past and yet think that are you loosing your innocence . Is looking each and every thing by analyzing the risk and reward a right way of looking at things . I think perhaps next few months will clarify the real use of this education ..

I dont know what is waiting for me but I am sure that I will be able to handle it .

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