Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saving Tax Payers Money …

Today I was really amazed after reading a news item “Recession Squeezes Jails “on a popular website. It says that USA houses almost 2.4 million people in its prisons. It’s an astonishingly high figure, close to 1% of the population of USA is behind bars. If we have similar statistics in India it will be like more than ten million people inside the jails.  But American prisons are lot better than what we have in India as they have better facilities for recreation inside the prison.

I also found out that American government spends close to $30,000 per person in prison in one year. That’s around ten times of the per capital income in India. So America is spending nearly $ 80 Billion of money out of the tax payers pocket in maintaining the prisons.  

If USA sends all its prisoners to developing countries where they are provided with same quality of life and recreation, it can easily be done by spending one third of what is being spent in USA today and the remaining money which will be as high as $ 50 billion can be used in other development work.

So how does this new idea of outsourcing sounds ?


Hari said...

This is a great idea. American government loves to send people to prison over minor crimes.

Ankit said...

:) yeah they do . Thanks Hari for visiting Freedom .