Friday, June 12, 2009

Slums.. Are we missing the larger Picture?

Slumdog Millionaire might not have done anything great for the slum dwellers but it has surely made few people very rich and famous, one is them is producer and director Mr Danny Boyle other includes actress of the movie ‘ Latika Fame‘ and last but not the least the slum cast of the movie who are finally having a good time after many ups and downs during and after the release of the movie .

What came as surprise to me is the lack of interest shown by people in attacking the real problem of poverty in slums. Actors like Salman etc are posing happily with the children from the slum who worked in the Oskar winning movie but they are simply ignoring the real issue of the condition of millions of kids who are still deprived of the basic necessities of the life.

Sending the Slumdog kids to school is really a great gesture shown by Danny Boyle but it could have really helped if they can simply build a school for slums in the locality or appeal to the general people to show some empathy to the major cause of slum development.

I think people are missing the larger picture of putting efforts in improving the conditions of slums as a whole and assuming that improving the life of few kids in slum will solve all the problems.

There is also a lack of initiative from the government machinery. We have ministries for urban development and rural development but we don’t have any focus on the slum Development or rather rehabilitation where 60% of the urban population lives. If India has to improve its condition and reputation outside , slum development has to be taken as a first priority .All the issues of poverty , malnourishment , crime and illiteracy are actually originating from the slums and as the population density in slums is very high , it will take significantly lessor effort and funds to improve the condition.

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