Thursday, August 20, 2009

Adulterated Life..

Nothing seems real these days, the milk we consume, the sweets we eat, the edible oil we use, the pulses we eat, most of them are getting adulterated as people are poisoning them to make some easy bucks and putting life of thousands of people at risk. This is turning out to be a bigger risk today, even bigger than the external threats which we read in newspapers every day.

Past two weeks have been rather low as I am down due to Typhoid. The reason behind the illness is again spurious water I consumed from our regular supply of Kingfisher Water. Until now it appeared to be genuine but only after both I and my friend got Typhoid, we found out that it’s spurious. The bottle and even the seal will look genuine but some people have perfected this art of selling poison to such an extent that it’s difficult to find out what is original and what is duplicate. So even after paying 3 Rs/ litre for something which should be free for me I am not sure whether it is genuine.

The biggest setback is the lost of trust. Just yesterday my father asked me to buy all the medicines again from some good medical store as he thought the one I bought earlier might be spurious. The story doesn’t end here, as per the latest reports from RBI there is a significant fraction of currency notes which are spurious. So right from food to the currency notes, the complete system is getting poisoned.

Where exactly are we heading, what will technology and growth do if we can’t even tackle such basic issues. How is the government safe guarding the interest of the people who are suffering due to the menace of adulteration? I don’t know any of these answers.


Hemant K Tailor said...

Indian govt. is not importing chinese milk containers (i m not updated with current status) , stopping the sale of cheap high end mobile phones which are made in China .. Delhi govt. issued a notice to not to use plastic bags and use only recycled paper bags .. Lalu yadav started "sakora" for coffee/tea serving in trains .. Apart from some good efforts initiated by politicians, we are among the people who resisted these ideas ..

Not even in India, This is global issue .. I got a chance to go to "dollar shop" and you can get juice, detergents, electronics, candy, chocolates etc.etc. for just 1 dollar per item .. The quality was no so good .. My headphone broke in just 1 day, and after a week, it was in such a condition that i could mould it in any shape i want .. These kind of items are not in just "dollar-shop", but other bigger shops too.

Ankit said...

I appreciate you putting forward issues in US , the main problem here is lack of regulation in food items . In US no one can sell you artificial milk or spurious drugs that easily .