Sunday, August 9, 2009

Allowing China to come closer to Srilanka , A strategic mistake

China is now the major suppliers of Arm and Ammunition to Srilanka which is fighting a War against LTTE. Is it a strategic mistake by India?

India is surrounded by host of unfriendly nations, China being the most powerful and seen as the next superpower after the decline of USA. In such a scenario allowing Srilanka to be used as a new base for China puts India in a scary position. When Rajiv Gandhi sent the Indian Peace Keeping Force to Srilanka it was not seen as a logical decision as we were putting life of our soldiers at risk but if we see the diplomacy behind it, it was a great decision. It prevented Srilanka from becoming a new base for both USA and China.

India should have done what China did for Srilanka , it would have also improved relations between the nation which are becoming sore due to problem of Tamil killings and Tea exports.

Is the pressure of coalition politics that high that we can compromise with the National Security?


gary said...

China has been using our neighbours since long as a tool to introduce anarchy in India. Pakistan and Nepal are just an example. It never comes directly against us after 1961 war though it has tried all ways to destablize India by providing ammunition and nuclear arsenal to Pak.
It has occupied half of Kashmir n talks about Indian hold on Arunachal Pradesh.
I strongly feel we should be careful of our Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai neighbour.

gary said...

An article supporting the same.

Ankit said...

yeah ,came in todays newspaper ..