Thursday, August 20, 2009

BJP: What went wrong?

Jaswant Singh might not have had the slightest idea of getting impeached from the BJP party over his praise for the founder of Pakistan. What prompted him to write such a piece of literature which is totally against the ideology of the party which he served for 30 long years is a big question?

The case of Mr. Singh is not the only case where BJP has lost its image in public but unfortunately there had been countless number of cases and incidents off late which had made BJP suffer in public. Ever since the fall of the “ Indian Shining “ campaign BJP has not recovered yet and is not able to provide good competition to Congress. It’s not that they are not able to digest the defeat in the election but I believe their downfall is has more fundamental intrinsic and extrinsic reasons behind it.

Succession Planning : - Not only the corporate world but even the political parties requires proper succession planning , With the ageing of the founding members of BJP there is no clear leader which had been identified to take on the responsibility of the next leader and it had made people fight for posts inside the party . With Gandhi’s as a controlling centre of the Congress it had never been the case with Congress.

Conflict about Hindutva Ideology: - With the growing liberal face of Indian society and a major proportion of Indian population being in mid twenties, it had become rather confusing for the party to stick to their long term political ideology of Hindutva. This confusion has created a loss for BJP as even the staunch supporters of BJP are now confused about what BJP really stands for.

Rise of SP/ BSP: - Success in UP was one of the reason which made BJP prosper in the national politics. There was a time when BJP used to win 50 seats in UP. The rise of BSP and SP had made the equation very tough for BJP in UP where elections are closely integrated with the game of caste politics. Now we have four ways fight in the UP elections with Congress emerging as a strong force. This year assembly elections might be very interesting and there are strong chances of revival of Congress in UP.


Rishabh Makrand said...

Jod-tod ki rajneeti hai bhai... dekho kuch dino me ek nayi party ka naam sun loge.. koi na koi bana hi dega...lols

Ankit said...

Last few days had really been tough for BJP . Its the question of survival now ..