Sunday, September 6, 2009

Weak Infrastructure , An Opportunity ..

We often feel that India is struggling and China has moved ahead of India due to our weak infrastructure . The roads , bridges , flyovers , basic amenities are simply missing here . We are wasting so much time and energy working in these conditions . Life is so good outside , every things happens on Internet, you don't have to struggle to reach your office everyday.

I agree with most of it but two days back when I had my first Delhi Metro ride , I found something interesting. I think we have a great opportunity now to make a mark provided our politicians start working on it.

The Delhi metro is just amazing , the ride is smooth , metro stations are amazing and infact I found the experience better than what I had in New York metro and here lies the opportunity.

Most of the existing infrastructure in western world is atleast two decades old and India can easily adopt the inexpensive yet better new technologies and leap frog in the new era. We are not required to do the experiments which other countries did and simply pick the best of the world technologies which fits into our country. This will not only develop the new infrastructure but it might even give us a competitive edge.

The toughest part here is the political will and issues of corruption which eats into most of the resources. If we are able to cross these hurdles we can have the best basic infrastructure in the world.