Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Are we searching Google or is the Google Searching Us !

The kind of innovations google is coming up nowadays is simply awesome. If I analyze my internet usage, more that half of it uses google in some way or the other . Why its only the goolge which is coming up with best of the world innovations and not the other companies ?

I agree they have the best brains of the world, but still believe that new innovations might not always emerge from them. They might be good in finding solutions but finding the problems is not often done by the best brains ..

Is it actually possible to find out the biggest problems one after another , what are all others companies doing ?

Are we searching Google or is the Google Searching Us !


Hemant K Tailor said...

I liked the title of it.. baki sab to aiwe hi .. :P

Other suggestions,

Google : Your wife on internet ..

Just say.. "Google, woh shoppers stop me jeans dekhi thi, woh kitne ki thi ?? Market me onions ke kya daam hai ?? "

Google : Your local companion ..

Shifted to a new place ?? Looking for a paan wala or chai wala to ask loads of question .. Now Google keeps local updates too

Google : Other half of your mind ..

Doing something on internet ?? Google knows everything about your taste because its ancestors developed some a good page ranker ..

btw, Google didn't create Orkut, Youtube, Blogspot .. But yeah, it took the right decisions to acquire these .. Kya bolta ?

Ankit said...

Thats true , they made good decisions but I still feel they might be using our information .

Have Google paid u anything to write this comment kya ? :-)

Hemant K Tailor said...

Nahi be, Why google would pay me.. Thats my respect to Google.. ;)

Well, its possible that in future google would make it mandatory to locate your address on google maps, google voice would acquire you phone numbers.. Your budget would be maintained in Google spreadsheets .. Salary statements and Form-16 would be stored on Google too .. That time, everyone in this world would be recognized through their GAN (Google Account Number) worked same as SSN and it would be accepted as International Standards...

Ankit said...

Tailu tu to Google ka bhakt ho gaya hai :)

Rishabh Makrand said...

I dont agree with you.. they are coming up with new things but getting bad at maintaining them.. for example, go to view any friend's album to view the pics.. its taking hell lot of time to get loaded.. even with chrome..
Also, other algos which they are using are giving bad performance to the end user and its irritating...

Ankit said...

Google walo , Sun rahe ho na :-)