Sunday, November 8, 2009

Crop Mastery - Farmville

A new feature has been added to Farmville, a internet game on facebook, its called Crop Mastery . The mastery concept makes the whole Farmville game even more interesting. The mastery as name suggest is the farmer mastery in a certain crop , hence after a certain fixed number of crop harvest person is reaches a level of mastery in the crop. For example for soyabean after 150 harvest one star is given. Their is extra bonus of coins and XP for reaching each level (star) of mastery in the crop, for first start that bonus is 500 coins and 25XP.

One can easily see the number of crop harvested by him by clicking on market and taking the cursor on the crop for checking the number of harvests and crop total number of crops required to reach next mastery level.

I am yet to explore if after reaching 3 star mastery if we can gain some extra xp per harvest but from now on it makes much more sense to stick to good profitable crop with good XP/Day for some time for reaching level 3 of crop Mastery.

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