Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Good Wicket

Over the years life has become tougher for bowlers, I don't know how can a youngster watching Cricket nowadays will get motivated to become a bowler when a bowler is thrashed to all parts of the ground.

Mediocrity is something which can be appreciated by more number of people and this is precisely the reason why Cricket authorities are trying to woo the audience by making pitches full of runs. It might make batting look more spectacular but it comes at the cost of being unfair to bowlers.

I still remember good old days when bowlers like Wasim, Waqar, Donald, Mgraw, Ambrose, Kumble, Warne use to test batsman for their skill, there use to be a great anticipation for contest between the bat and the bowl. Are we seeing it any of it these days ? It looks like we are just watching batting and not Cricket.

Sometime I really don't understand how can someone call a dead pitch devoid of any life for bowlers as a good cricketing pitch. Making the teams score 400 runs in 50 overs might be making Business sense for the Cricket Lords now but i strongly believe that its a short term trend and eventually people will get bored out of it.

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