Sunday, January 17, 2010

Rocket Singh

When I went to watch Rocket Singh, I was not expecting much from the movie but found it unexpectedly good and a must watch for all management professional. The movie is a story of a Sales organization rather than a sales man, surprisingly a bollywood movie without any hero.

I think the way movie's promos were designed, it couldn't gave a feel of the quality of the story and looked more like a comedy to me. The promos could have been made more meaningful to pass on the real message.

The characters of sales man looked quite original, dialogs were perfect. The experienced sales man acted really well and his dialogue " Jo sales man ulta nahi pad sakta wo andha hai " was awesome.

Few of the important messages from the movie

Importance of values and ethics in a business without which the business wont survive for long.

It also teaches us the importance of customer value proposition . When for one businessman the customer meant just sales value and for another customer satisfaction was more important.

The employees/ sales force does not meant just to be exploited, pressurized for targets. Just keep your employees happy, targets will itself follow.

The best message was to all the people who are employees and think that things can be done better . Become a Entrepreneur, its not that tough. " Risk to spiderman ko bhi lena padta hai, mai to sales man hu".

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Rishabh Makrand said...

Baat to sahi hai.. risk to spider man ko bhi lena hota hai..
apart from that.. movie is really nice and worth watch..