Thursday, February 4, 2010

College Seats.. Demand and Supply ..

Just got hold of the data of selection rate (Engineering Courses ) in Top US Universities , courtesy

1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology 23.5%

2 Stanford University 28.0%

3 University of California Berkeley 20.4%

4 Georgia Institute of Technology 36.8%

5 University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign 19.2%

6 California Institute of Technology 13.1%

7 Carnegie Mellon University 21.8%

8 University of Southern California Los Angeles 46.6%

9 Cornell University 19.8%

9 University of Michigan–Ann Arbor 36.4%

If you compare it with Indian universities, getting admission is far tougher. To get admission in IITs one has to be in top 2% even after massive increase in intake of IITs. Needless to that there is supply crunch in this sector.

Indian Entrepreneurs tried to tap the opportunity by opening lots of new colleges and universities but the quality and infrastructure, education, professors is still lagging behind in most the new colleges. I believe next 7-10 years will see massive capacity creation of institutes with good education and infrastructure . It might come from Indian Business houses or foreign universities setting up their colleges in India to reduce the large gap in demand and supply of good educational institutes.

The issue of supply of good professor is one factor which might trouble the growth of the industry and it might lead to massive increments in the salaries of Professors.


Chandrika Shubham said...

It's a craze amoung youth to go out of India of studies. THe reasons are many.
Interesting data presented in a interesting way. :)

Ankit said...

Thanks Chandrika .

Prithwish....... said...

hey ankit..
nice manifestation of indicated the madness among the Indian Students to rush for foreign universities..
good one...

Ankit said...

it never talked about the madness amongst the Indian Student , did u even read it ?