Monday, February 22, 2010

I Play for the Audience

When it comes to Indian Cricket Team, I must say they are totally committed towards customer satisfaction, they want to make every match really interesting for the audience. Yesterday in the close encounter with South Africa, Appam and party were again in top form, they made sure that the match goes to the last ball.. I have captured some of the excepts from the post match interview session with Appam

Reporter: How do you rate your performance yesterday?

Appam: My performance was awesome, I was good in both fielding and bowling, never got the chance to bat, could have been a complete day for me.

Reporter: You were taken for runs all round the field Appam , your fielding was awful, and you are still saying that you were good .. your batting could have ended a lucky escape for India ..

Appam: You are talking rubbish, In the field we play as global players, there were few of the players in the opposition of my IPL team,I cant mess around with my IPL career..

Reporter: So what was your approach in the Game

Appam: I want each spectator on the field to be involved, be its Indian or South African and it should be the prime work of all the players. We are entertainers and end of the day the thrill of the match should be kept alive. I wanted to throw the balls to covers but my accuracy was not upto the mark and the ball fell few feet away from Dhoni .

Reporter: What kind of result were you aiming for?

Appam : Tie would have been the best result and could have kept the interest of all the spectators in the remaining matches. Only my inaccurate throw needs to be blamed for the same.

Thanks Appam for the brilliant performance, just because of the players like you the interest in 50 over match is still alive. Appam has definitely taken the game to a different level.

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