Sunday, February 28, 2010

IIM Ahmadabad CAT 2009 Shortlist , Really Short

The CAT-2009 results were finally announced today after days of speculations. The sanctity of the exam was questioned in the 3 month long exam exercise when students from across the country complaint about the irregularities in the exam . The problem in the online format are the stories which plagued the whole nation and people are even doubted the credibility of the top management of the IIMs which could have compromised on the terms of the exam with external agencies like NIIT , Pro-Metrics and others.

What came as the biggest surprise to me is just the list of 940 + announced by IIM Ahmadabad. In order to dilute the effect of exam problems , ideally IIMs should announce bigger shortlist and more weight age should be given to group discussion and Personnel Interviews .

I really don't understand the reason behind not increasing the number of calls when compared to last year.


Sowmya said...

Well, the IIMs know there are more 'iim worthy candidates' than there are seats by a large margin. I believe anybody over 95 percentile is good enuf to get in on a diff day/minus exam glitches etc. Combine that with the fact that there were 2.4L people who took the exams this year, that leaves them with a lot of good people to select from and they might as well follow a selection by convenience rather than pic the best 240 or whatever.
If you recollect, even CAT 2007, the one we took had a lot of mistakes in the paper.

Ankit said...

yeah . I agree , cant fight yr destiny :)