Thursday, February 11, 2010

Insurance against Alien Kidnapping ..

What are the chances of you being kidnapped by Aliens ? You can call it a Hollywood effect, some kind of phobia, good marketing game by Insurance company but there had been more than 40,000 buyers of such insurance policy which will protect them from it .

Goodfellows Insurance offers such a policy which provides massive coverage of $1.7 millions for just 400$ premium . Needless to say that insurance companies makes money out of diseased state of our minds.

The protection against terrorist is one more popular policy nowadays chances of which is again minimum but people are happy to pay a high premium for it !


magiceye said...

we have become so paranoid!

Anonymous said...

Could not believe it when I first read your post. Insecurity can lead man to do funny things, like taking up such insurances.

Ankit said...

Welcome to freedom .. :)
Insecurity in every form is being exploited by someone . Its just one example ..

Hemant said...

Very interesting.. Quite surprised to read this post.. Later amazed by reading Wikipedia page on "Alien Abduction insurance" ..

Few interesting points..
1) Policy holders includes the writers who have written books on aliens
2) Policy covers you when impregnated during the abduction event (really ??) , or death caused by alients.. (Thank god "Jadoo" was not that scary , otherwise "Koi Mil gaya" would have promoted such insurance before the released)
3) Heaven's Gate religious Group committed mass suicide because of aliens , but they had purchased Goodfellas insurance before that.

What a great world :)

hitesh rawat said...

see....these are the ppl i call Jack Asses ......

Ankit said...

@ Tailu amazing observations .. u mean to say they r the people who have very very strong belief in Aliens ..

@ Hitesh , cant say that , they might have reasons to believe it ..

Kcalpesh said...

Sounds funny to me... :-D

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