Monday, February 8, 2010

Nursery Admissions in Delhi..

In the last blog I was comparing the ease of admissions in good Engineering colleges of India and USA, now take a look at even tougher admissions, admissions in Nursery for Delhi kids.

Their is again a huge demand supply mismatch of good schools in Delhi inspite of good efforts by the government . Their are more number of children running for fewer seats and the competition is breathtaking. The admissions committee of nursery schools devise a 100 point system for admissions and the point allocation varies from one school to another.

So the first step for parents is to fill the forms for various schools and they will be awarded points on various parameters which often looks absurd to me. The common criteria are : -

1. Alumni : If any of the parents have been alumnus of the school they will get 5 to 10 points . Now is it the mistake of the kid if his parents are uneducated or were not brought up in Delhi.

2. Neighborhood :- It is again a most important criteria and nearly 20-30 marks are allotted to it. This criteria makes lot of sense as without it the ambitious parents will try and put their kids in far located or may be best schools putting pressure on both the child and the traffic of the city.

3. Girl Child : If the candidate is girl, she will be awarded 5 to 10 points which varies from school to school. Now its good to encourage girl child education but is it the fault of the young boy or his parents if he is a boy ?

4. Sibling : Delhi school wants sibling to study in same school and provides extra points for it which makes it tougher for first kid or parents who wants just 1 kid.

5. Single Parents : Single parents are given 5 to 10 extra points.

6. Your views on Education System : This is a qualitative analysis of your thought process based on which the parents are awarded points..

One of the welcome moves has been the removal of extra points for the parents education. It has not been taken very well by the elite class of Delhi but I fully support it and even believe that uneducated parents can even be given few extra points to educate their wards.

So after the shortlisting of children based on points its the interview round, previously there used to be interview of the candidate (Kids! ) but now it has been abolished by the government ,we still have interview of the parents . There are FAQ of the same which lot of parents are reading and preparing for it these days .. the day is not far when we have classroom coaching for the same..

T are parents who gets zero points out of the this point system, does it means that there children are not worthy of good education ?


Farila said...

I feel the Indian education system is due for a drastic quick change.. It stinks. Yuck!

Sundari Venkatraman said...

It is not much different in Mumbai. :(

Ankit said...

Yeah , really tough for the young parents ..

Anonymous said...

Good post.. interviewing of children for nursery admission is still prevalent in the south :(
So is the practise of giving extra points based on the parent's career and education. I hope all this changes soon.

Ankit said...

It should , why dont open more schools or improve the existing not so good schools ..

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