Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Top Websites in India

I was just surfing through internet and found, it is one of the most popular website for finding out traffic of a site on Internet. It is being used as one of the industry wide benchmark for checking the popularity of the site . Infact one can very easily create his account on Alexa and check out the traffic ranking of it.

I was just curious to know that how many google websites are there in top 20 of India . The list goes as such .. ( Courtesy Alexa)


    No surprises . Google , nice start (1/1)

    Google wins it again 2/2

    Legacy of yahoo , which started the email revolution in India , quite deserving but more tech savvy people have moved on ...


    This was a surprise (pleasant one ), I thought orkut is more popular in India .. online games like Farmville and mafia wars has improved its visibility ..

    Another google website and host for our blogs .. 3/5

    hmm , right there on the top , number one streaming videos website, even when webspeed is not great here . The content is just too good . (4/6) for google


    surprise surprise , an Indian website in Indian top 20 ,

    I am a big fan of Wiki , they are doing a great social service .. Very deserving .
  10. and combined might overtake facebook , what do you think .. (6/10) . wow google is killing the competition here

    Social Networking redefined , I see great future for this website and should enter top 10 very soon .

    Another desi website , good portal

    Recession might have improved the popularity of this website in India . Another social networking website just behind facebook , orkut and twitter .

    Another surprise , Personally I found this website really good but never seen anyone surfing it though .

    Blogging is becoming a rage in Indians , second blogging webpage in top 20.

    It has to be there , by far the best Cricket webpage , Automated page refresh after every 20 second might again be making it easier for it.


    Still popular , specially people love hotmail and the new page on Indian news is very popular amongst youth.

    Windows default homepages might be helping it to enter top 20 otherwise I dont see any daily need for anyone to visit this portal.

    Indian website which has made waves in last year , another surprise for me .

Sites to look out for :

I believe two the website which can enter the top 20 in next 4-5 years : -

1. with excellent research on Equity markets .

2. : - One of the best websites I have ever seen on Mutual Funds


arshad said...

its really very nice i enjoyed a lot to visit..Mobiles Handsets

Ankit said...

Nice Website , I found it good :)

Anonymous said...

Glad to see facebook listed above orkut... But I really wish wiki gets a better rank. I turn to it for almost every bit of knowledge I gather from the web.Would like to see it move up the ranks :)

Ankit said...

Yeah , even I felt good seeing facebook on top of orkut , But if we cobine both and , it might be more than facebook :)

Scattered Thoughts said...

Good One

Smart Mind said...

nice post