Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Vada-phone all set to enter Dog Business

Their are rumors that Vada-phone, the global telecom major has been in the final stages of negotiation with its distributors to cross sell dogs along with its Mobile connections in India.

“The dog density in India is very low at 1.2 dogs per 1000 homes and its easier and more profitable to sell Dogs in India rather than selling mobile phone connections “ remarked Mr. Sunil Puri

Renowned politician and animal right activist Meneka Gandhi has come out in support of the company but have suggested to the company to market stray dogs of Jharkhand and West Bengal instead of Pugs. In a interview with media Menaka said that there are only 1.411 Lakhs Dogs left after the Maoist started there killing spree and the telecom company can help in protecting the innocent animals from dying.

Meanwhile RBI has raised its concerns regarding the new venture. Increasing the density of dog population can have inflationary pressure on the food prices and they have suggested to the finance ministry to put a special tax on all dog owners.


Nalini Hebbar said...

I would love it if Meneka would come to Nellore and ship out some of those dogs that howl under my window in the dead of the night!...LOL

Ankit said...

:-) He he