Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Why UP and Bihar are not progressing ?

Inspite of rich heritage, human resource , having one of the most fertile areas in India , mineral rich states of UP and Bihar are not progressing .. Why ? Today I have got the answer of the same . Its the leadership crisis which has engulfed these high potential states of India . The leaders from different political parties does have the political will , vision and attitude to change the conditions of these laggard states. What a agony that a state like UP who can give the most powerful prime minister could not produce Chief ministers of even half of their ability for the state.

Lalu ji yesterday made the statement in public " If (they) think that the women would vote independent, then they are mistaken. If I asked Rabri to vote a certain way, do you think she would do otherwise? ". The statement is really disappointing and speaks loudly about the mindset of the leader. If even after education and interaction with the society people still carry such a mindset than only God can help them and I believe even the polical survival of people which such a mentality will be tough in future.


Nalini Hebbar said...

What a comment!...and he made her the CM? he admits that she is just a puppet in his hands

Sharmila Ganguly said...

Laloo's comments indicates archaic illusions of grandeur.


I feel it is lack of education and lack of will in the past, the states could progress but now things are improving and they are enering in to IAS/IFS and other branches of modern education system.

Ankit said...

@ Nalini - Really its scary..

@Sharmila - Agree with you ..

@Shri Ram - The educated youth is moving out of the state due to the conditions, the things needs to be improved further to actually develop these states.

deepazartz said...

Hi Ankit

There's something awaiting you in my blog. Pls do share my happiness and festive spirit... pls do accept it:)


Ernesto said...

yeah bro. But in a way lalu is expressing the prevailing reality. There are not many women in bihar who would attempt to go against the will of patriarch. Its just not the way of life for them. Family life plays an upper hand than public life. Anyways i never understood how far this appeasement in form of reservation could work. I dont see voice of women coming out of women candidates elected out of reservation. In my opinion reservation in police, education and government jobs would work out a long way better than legislative reservations.

Ankit said...

Samasti Bhaiya . Aho bhagya hamare ki prabhu aap humare blog par aaye :-)

Aap kai kathan mai to hum kuch bhi truti nikal hi nahi sakte :)

Ernesto said...

kahe sharminda karat ho babu.

bhanu pratap singh said... per the statistics Bihar is the fastest growing state of India

Ankit said...

Statistics can be highlighted in any way possible , Human Development Index in these two state is really appalling .