Monday, April 26, 2010

Arindam Choudhary Latest Gyaan

Arindam Chaudhuri , Self Proclaimed Management Guru, Philosopher and Economist leaves nothing to chance when it comes to advertising his greatness in Media. No wonder thousands of students are paying Lakhs of rupee as fees in his countless number of colleges which he says are beyond IIMs. In last 10 years he has created a large chain of money sucking institutions by attracting innocent students who believed in his high profile media campaigns portraying the greatness of his institutions.

In 2005 his own students who felt cheated after getting admissions in the college started a blog to uncover the real Guru to the media. The media was not really interested in loosing there prime advertiser and the story never reached the common man through newspapers or television.

Mr. Choudhari now has started the campaign about his new book released in December 2009 " Discover the Diamonds in You " . The self proclaimed marketing Guru even forgot the need of providing respect to the audience in all your promotion exercises . His Advertisement says " After the successful Count your Chicken Before they Hatch and The great Indian Dream, The Management Guru Educates India with his new book , Blah Blah " . Mr. Choudhary, it will be a great help to all the Indians if you leave academia and stop Educating India.


gary said...

Could not agree more! I tried to read Great Indian dream and was in awe of the stupidity.

Ankit said...

:) Chalo someone agrees with me on this point !

bhanu pratap singh said...

I agree to all the point made by you ankit.But you know arindam is an accomplished marketer[Lier]. He very well knows that media would never like to loose him and he consistently would be able to fool upper strata or Indian civilized class.
No serious middle class student thinks of studying in a institute which is beyond IIM.Only people who have black money can afford to have such high aspirations and beloved chaudhry knows that too very well and reaping the fruit.

About his new book: he is very well aware of the fact that India's population is more than one billion.Even if he is able to fool 1% of them he would make fortune outta it.

Ankit said...

Could not agree more!