Sunday, April 18, 2010

Prof. CK Prahalad was not a socialist

As the news of Prof. Prahalad's death hit the Indian media channels, every news paper reported there version of him. It really hurts me when prominent newspaper are publishing there baseless theories about the professor. A newspaper described him as " Guru of Poverty and Profit " and also described him to be a messiah of poor. I really dont agree with the reports ..

Prof. CK was a great management thinker , one of finest India has ever produced , a global citizen, person who gave world two great theories of " Core Competency" and " Fortune at the bottom of the Pyramid ". There are very few management thinkers who gave two management theories. But he was never a socialist , if one reads his book Fortune at the bottom of the pyramid he always concerned about profitability of corporation and highlighted that the bottom half of the population has great potential to provide profitability to the corporates and if the companies start targeting this segment the condition of even poor might improve. Prof. CK Prahalad was socially motivated personality but not a socialist.

The death of Professor marks the end of an era and the world will never be same after him .


Purba said...

He did get front page coverage in most National Dailies as one of the world's most eminent management gurus :)

SiD said...

very right... to call him a socialist is totally wrong...
and apart from mere theories.. he rightly predicted things like the telephone revolution in India..

bhanu pratap singh said...

Absolutely correct Ankit. CKP had never been a socialist but being from India he always had a cult toward development of Bottom of the Pyramid consumers.

Being a son of a Indian Judge He had in fact never seen the treachery and poverty with which Indian poor live.

But India is a country where every other person becomes socialist seeing at least someone of his/her acquaintance from BOP.

Ankit said...

Thanks alot Purba Sid and BPS !